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Thiele Dec The Midwife and the Troll A short version of a folk-tale in J. Lundbye On her way home from a succesful birth, the midwife Gertrud sees a frog with a silk thread wrapped around one of its leg and she immediately understands it is pregnant and happen to say that she will also help the toad give birth when the time is ready.

A few months later it knocks on Gertrud's door one night. Outside is a little but broad-shouldered man with a big head, wearing a grey suit and a grey cap which are different from the clothes worn by the peasants in this part of Denmark. He introduces himself as Celte and tells her it was his wife, she promised to help give birth. Gertrud now understands she is dealing with trolls and the only way she can get well out of this is by keeping her word, so she follows Celte to the troll hill, where he leads her into a dark cave formed by soil and big stones where Celte's troll wife is close to giving birth.

Celte gives Gertrud a small bottle and tells her to put it on the baby's eyes the moment it is born. She does so but is curious about what is in the bottle and puts a little on her own right eye. She can now see that the cave is a beautiful shining hall with walls made of thousands of gemstones. The troll woman now tells Gertrud to escape as quickly as possible, as trolls do not like to let go of Christian folk once they have them inside their troll cave. The troll wants to pay her for her services but Gertrud refuses and runs away as quickly as she can.

Bedtime Stories For Kids With Pictures – Ages 4 to 8 years

She will, however, meet Celte once more when she helps her neighbours harvesting and spots Celte removing sheaves from the field and taking them into a hill nearby. When she has seen him do this three times, she asks him what he is doing. Can you see me, Celte replies surprised. Close your left eye, can you still see me?

Yes, she replies. Close your right eye, can you still see me? No, she replies and feels that she loses her right eye and from that day onwards she never saw the hill people anymore. Neither did she ever again help this farmer as he was paying taxes to the troll the sheaves and thus must be an ungodly man.

The End. Notice that Lundbye's troll looks like his alterego, the troll Sindre mentioned here. In the age before Kittelsen and Bauer , trolls still looked like today's pixies or dwarfs. Also note that similar stories are told elsewhere in the world. In Palestine you find a similar story where the troll is replaced by a djinn.

Tags: troll. Regional Danish Troll Stories Dec Every region of Denmark has its own troll tales. Here is one from South Eastern Jutland reminding us to treat the supernaturals well : In the village of Viuf was 5 hills, each occupied by trolls, and when they partied, the hills all stood on glowing poles. One night a farmhand who worked nearby, passed the hills and suddenly felt like teasing them so he threw a stone into the hole on top of one of the hills. The troll came out of the hill and shouted: "Tell Finnkee that little Kee is dead". The fact was that the farmhand had killed a little troll child with the stone.

The farmhand did not understand anything of this but when he came home, he told the others about the strange incident. There actually was a troll named Finnkee living on the farm, but the people did not know that. When he heard that little Kee was killed, he cut the throat of the farmhand and then left the farm never to return.

One night, when he rode past their hill standing on glowing poles, a troll tried to offer him a potion that would bring him under the trolls' control but he poured it on the back of his horse so it became much faster, and now they could not capture him. In a big stone in the church in Pedersker one can still see the footprint of the horse as Bonavedde escaped the trolls. Dolmen by J. Lundbye A well-known type of troll stories in Denmark tells about Wattis and Attis it also found elsewhere in Scandinavia with different names where someone passing by a troll hill suddenly hears a voice saying: "Tell Attis that Wattis is dead".

When the human comes home and tells his family or others what he has heard but doesn't understand, the hidden farm trolls or the cat thus revealing itself to be a troll cat immediately leave the farm with the words "Is Wattis dead?

Then I have to go home at once". It reminds us again that trolls can be anywhere and that they have strong family ties. More to follow.

Skalle - a troll story Dec Either they died shortly after moving there or they became indebted and were thrown out by the local squire. Then came a new man. That evening when he entered the gates of the farm, he said "Good evening, Skalle" "Flakey" , because the farm looked very bare. The unmarried farmer replied: "If there is someone here whom I cannot see, then I invite that person to be my guest on the night before Christmas Eve. On the night before Christmas Eve the troll came just as the farmer had finished tending to his animals in the stable, but still had not lit the candles in the house.

It looked nice and pretty, he thought. Now the troll begged him to eat. He sat down and they started eating their rice pudding.

But just as they were eating, the troll snatched the plate off the table. Years back as a child, I was the ultimate doodler.

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Once I could reasonably pick up that trusty old pencil, I scratched bold graphite on every possible surface I could find. Even now, a quick investigation of my old bedroom would probably uncover some hastily scribbled doodle on the wall in whatever medium I was using back then, from kiddie crayons to pencils.

Never too far from some wildly ambitious artistic project! Labels: Me. Thursday, September 13, Battle of the Break-up Buddies. Weddings are a time for friends and family to gather together to celebrate the union of someone near and dear to them - to that other person. Hopefully well received of course. Pick a seat, not a side, they would normally claim at a wedding. However though a handful may be mutually shared friends of both the bride and groom, let's not fool ourselves into believing there isn't a secret dividing line through the aisles between friends of the bride and friends of the groom.

Even when they meet up with new people as a couple, that new friend would still gravitate towards one more than the other. So friends of the bride and friends of the groom can be clearly seen on opposing sides during such ceremonies, with few jumping across the centre to join the other side. So it was to my surprise that I noticed something peculiarly off when I snooped through the wedding seating for a friend's coming wedding.

Clearly so. Though admittedly it was a pretty short list, it was obviously lopsided with none of her friends, her classmates, her colleagues Though many would claim that a relationship only matters to the individuals involved therein, let me tell you it isn't always true. When a couple finally settles down to a somewhat committed relationship, they also bring whatever emotional baggage they have been lugging about before, random rabid relatives - and also their own passel of crazy friends.

The smart ones play it well so that his or her friends inevitably become their own as well. Even so rarely do those friends actually abandon their original comrade to become even more of a buddy-buddy to the new partner. Ties that become ever more apparent in the event of a breakup.

The Snow Queen - Bedtime Story (

Or even a break. When even the most amicable splits forces their friends to choose sides - so yes, even those supposed common friends. Those old college drinking buddies that he brings to the relationship, those brash working mates that come over for board games sometimes, they would inevitably drift back to his side. His friends, and yes no matter how close they may have become in the interim, would still muddle back through some misplaced sense of friendship and camaraderie.

Posted by savante at PM No comments:. Labels: Friends , Wedding. That's a question I can answer quite easily. When you're in doubt, just don't. There are times I'm glad I came of age at a time where the internet was still in its babbling infancy so my totally trashy drunk photos of youth aren't splashed around for semi-posterity for all to see. Since social media wasn't always around, I've always known to be a lil more cautious of what to let everyone else see and what not to.

Or at least realized that what you send out into the internet could remain there forever. And anyone - and yes that includes internet trolls that could crawl out of any nook and cranny of the dark web - could place a snarky disrespectful comment. But some easily bruised young-uns these days don't seem to have realized that pertinent fact which is how I came to read a repeated retweet. Basically something like this. When I say I'm ugly I'm not looking for sympathy I'm legit just venting my fucking feelings.

I'm allowed to feel unattractive. My feelings are valid. Don't just say 'But you're just so pretty' like okay. But I don't feel like it right now. Fuck off. Let me have my emotions. So many thoughts. What didchu say?

Josef Lee's Bedtime Stories for Adults

Seriously number one. Gosh so incredibly churlish to all your soon to be ex-friends who actually tried to support you in their own apparently misguided way.

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Sure, it's not the right way according to you but at least they tried.