The Fractured: Elena: A Blemished Novella (Blemished Series)

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The Fractured: Elena

Her genes are worthless and that takes away her rights: her right to an Education, her right to a normal life and her right to have a child. Mina keeps a dangerous secret which she never thought she could share until she meets Angela on her first day at St Jude's School. Mina finds herself drawn to his mysterious powers and impulsive nature. Then there is the gorgeous clone Sebastian who Mina is forbidden from even speaking to… The Blemished is a frightening take on a fractured future where the Genetic Enhancement Ministry have taken control of Britain.

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It will take you on a ride filled with adventure, romance and rebellion. My Review:.

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About the Author:. Sarah grew up in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of Derbyshire and as a result has an over-active imagination. She has been an avid reader for most of her life, taking inspiration from the stories she read as a child, and the novels she devoured as an adult.

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Posted by S. But what she finds is no safe haven. Parents buy designer babies and those with genetic faults are labelled Blemished and shunned from society. The Fractured is the first part of a spin off series based on The Blemished, which will focus on some of the secondary characters and their stories.

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Part one follows the life of Elena as she experiences a life changing event. She fears the Ministry will demote her to full-time teacher and remove her Ministry rights.

But Margaret is surprised as she's given a new opportunity with new responsibilities. There's just one catch, the new job brings up her past. Margaret remembers herself as a young girl, Maggie Powell, and the mistakes she made as a lab technician working at the Genetic Enhancement Ministry as it first embarked on its take-over of Britain.


She remembers the mistakes she made, the people who betrayed her, and the way it shaped her as a woman. Book 3: The Unleashed "I wanted to live.

I wanted us to have a future, and there was nothing else on my mind. With Daniel by my side I ran so fast my lungs ached. She finds herself separated from her friends and facing life-changing decisions on her own. Fans of the popular YA dystopia series 'Blemished' will not be disappointed by this thrilling conclusion.