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However, once there, she discovers her pen has no ink. Jonathan A. Gillian and Danny find themselves constantly making out. Meanwhile, Nate finds trouble while on an errand for Zak.

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Gillian's film has been chosen to show at a film festival, however only if she 'cuts' out Danny's scenes. Meanwhile, Zak asks her to break up with his girlfriend. Guest star: Brendan Meyer Mr. Young as "Barry Collins". Gillian decides to throw a screening party in order to show off the finished product after successfully completing her short film project. After a psychic tells Zak that he is about to die, Gillian begins to plan his funeral.

After Gillian discover a rumor that another producer has stolen Zak's idea for a new film, the assistants try to find the truth.

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Gillian wants to reunite with her ex-boyfriend; Rigby is interested in Gillian's ex-boyfriend. Gillian forces Rigby to be nice if she is to be her roommate, but soon learns what type of a monster she's created. Meanwhile, Danny tries to become smarter. Sugarless What Goes On. Make it big or at least make the rent!

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Make lifelong friends! Make headboard-clutching love! Case in point: A group of college friends move to New York. An artist salvages a beam from the World Trade Center for a sculpture. A poet writes on a fire escape. An editor and an astronomer get engaged and move into a cheap and small apartment.

How small? The shower is in the kitchen. One innocent mistake leads to complications, doesn't it? Tina has a student loan debt she's been trying to pay off her entire adult life. She does her boss's expense accounts, and inadvertently receives a reimbursement check from the corporation. It's almost the exact amount of her debt.

She's conflicted about what to do. It's the equivalent of going to an ATM, and it spits out a bunch of extra money. You don't count it, but take it home.

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  • At home, you realize you have thousands of extra dollars. What would you do? It's a dilemma. That's the conundrum facing Tina. If she uses the money to pay off her debt, she'll have a new lease on life; but of course, stealing is wrong. Tina's a good person who would never voluntarily steal.

    You've been an assistant to some high-powered people. How much of your own experience informs The Assistants? My experience was very different from Tina's.

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    In the novel, her boss is a billionaire. However, anyone who's been an assistant to a powerful person can relate to her situation. So, I was very aware of the power disparity and other elements inherent in the boss-assistant relationship. All the assistants in the novel are women. What about that? That was an intentional decision.

    I think a majority of assistants are still women. Of course men who are assistants would encounter many of the same situations a woman in that position does, but I really wanted to speak to the female experience because it demonstrates sharply both gender inequality and power issues.

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    I intended the novel to be read predominantly by women, though a number of men have enjoyed it. Issues relating to disparity of power affect both men and women, and I'm very encouraged men have liked to book.

    The best-selling novel is written by Camille Perri.

    The issue of income inequality has been in the news. The Assistants addresses this issue as well as that of women in the workplace. Tell us a bit more.