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Another distinctive feature of LGB was the premium that its publisher put on consumer familiarity.

The Ugly Duckling - Interactive Story Book for iPad

And the publisher seemed to recognize the fact that kids are kids. The caliber and relevancy of the stories were similarly impressive, Marcus adds, noting that the early LGB editors spent time working with educators and psychologists to determine what children cared about and which story lines would appeal to the largest number of readers.

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Muldrow has spent 25 years at Golden Books during two tenures, most recently since For Muldrow, shaping a list that cultivates and preserves the LGB legacy is a bit of a balancing act, including both the old and the new. While nurturing the classics, Muldrow and her team have also ushered in a new wave of original Little Golden Books, including some tying into such popular franchises as Star Wars from companies including Disney an early and ongoing staple of the list , DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, and Universal.

Given the heritage of LGB, acquiring original book projects presents a challenge, albeit a rewarding one, says Roberta Ludlow, RHCB senior art director, who has worked with Muldrow for 17 years. Ludlow and Muldrow have a deep talent pool to draw from as they select authors and artists for new LGB lists. As the imprint heads toward its next landmark anniversary, its editorial direction is likely to stay the course. Kids will always be made happy by the same things, and will always need to be introduced to the wonders of life. I want Little Golden Books to be an important part of that introduction.

And there has always been so much joy in these books—I want to continue that tradition.

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In April, 75 kindergarten classes across the country will receive a Little Golden Book Party in a Box containing a poster, activity sheets, stickers, paper crowns, and a book for each child to take home. Two schools will be selected to host an LGB-themed event attended by an author or illustrator and by the Poky Little Puppy costumed character. Kits include an activity brochure, mini books for kids to fill with their own stories and illustrations, sticker sheets, and crayons.

In addition, the Poky Little Puppy costume will embark on a yet-to-be-finalized national tour, likely running from late September through mid-October. Subscribers: to set up your digital access click here. To subscribe, click here. Simply close and relaunch your preferred browser to log-in. If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw pubservice. THIS is the paradox of modern bookselling.

Even in an entertainment-saturated age, people still buy books. But the casual reader has many other places to get bestsellers and topical books, from warehouse stores to the mall.

Meanwhile, book nuts -- the ones who simply must buy several volumes a week -- are lured online. Few businesses can survive that lose customers from both ends of the spectrum. In , anyone seeking a book that was the least bit uncommon had to have a store special order it from the publisher. It was a hit-or-miss proposition. There are now half a dozen major Internet search engines that specialize in books.

On one of them, AbeBooks. In Capitola, a full-size Borders store was voted down by the City Council in When a Borders opened a few miles away in Santa Cruz the next year, it was greeted by demonstrators and hecklers. But in the last year or two, as the menace from the Internet became palpable, the chains lost their position as No.

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Half a century ago, Silliman said, he would play chess and checkers with his grandfather as they listened to the radio. The Internet has transformed American culture from a place where a few sold the same thing to many -- think network television or the Hollywood studios or even booksellers circa -- to one where the middleman or gatekeeper can be circumvented. The humblest band, the most amateur moviemaker and the clunkiest poet now have at least a hope of finding fans, and of having fans find them. When diagramed on a chart, this new marketplace resembles a tail extending into infinity.

The shop where he now feels most at home is the Booksmith.

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  7. Last fall, a weary Frank was contemplating closing the employee store when he finally received a solid offer. A few weeks ago, he signed a tentative agreement to sell the Booksmith for a mid-six-figure price to a partnership led by Praveen Madan, whose previous career involved steering tech firms to profitability. Frank, who owns the Booksmith building, is helping out the new team by offering a below-market rent.

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