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They lead to lower bounce rates and higher engagement. Some things have to be written in the good old-fashioned way but multimedia are a must. Video streaming has been one of the hottest marketing trends over the last couple of years. Furthermore, they motivate people to like, share or comment your content. Using outbound links gives a relevancy signal of your topic to Google. Make sure to link to relevant and authoritative sources. Internal links are a perfect way to promote your other articles or website sections. It makes easier to visit them and leads to higher engagement.

Internal linking also helps Google bots to understand the website structure. One of the great ways to interlink your content is to follow the topic cluster model. Great content shares itself. Yes, maybe in the past. People are lazy these days so the share buttons should always be on your website. According to BuzzSumo, social sharing dropped by half since Besides Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, consider adding specific and topic-related social networks, such as Reddit, Pinterest and many others. It usually requires at least some development skills or a web developer.

Other features include content mobile usability, choosing what you want to be indexed and what not, site errors, structured data errors and links. Website speed is one of the ranking factors so you should always aim to improve it.

Mobile optimization is a must. The world is shifting from desktop to mobile. In fact, running a website that is not mobile-optimized will negatively influence your rankings. Google started rolling out the mobile-first indexing in March The mobile-first indexing means that Google will use the mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking. A sitemap helps search engines to crawl your content.

There are many SEO hacks that will boost your website performance. First, start with the analysis of the current state.

SEO Part 1: What is SEO?

It will help you find the opportunities. HTTPS vs.

SEO Bangla Tutorial by Md Faruk Khan - Part-2 - FREE SEO Course

However, security is a strong psychological factor. URL canonicalization means that:. If you want to dive deeper into on-page optimization, check out our practical on-page SEO guide for beginners. It covers everything from techical stuff, through content and CTR optimization to monitoring and analysis of your progress. The truth is they were wrong. Seriously, can you imagine high-quality content without on-page optimization or without a single backlink? Likewise, can you imagine a perfectly optimized website packed with content that no one would read?

You simply have to create unique content and optimize it for search engines and people at the same time. This is the first and most important question. Creating original, thought-provoking and engaging content is a great start. Content and SEO must go hand in hand from the beginning. You can choose from various content types:. Blogs are very popular, especially in the last years.

A good blog is a great source of user engagement not only for bloggers but also for e-commerce websites, SaaS businesses or professional service providers. Blogging is also a way how to earn money by doing what you love travel bloggers, marketing bloggers, etc. Unique blogs with in-depth articles, guides and how-tos can make you a respected influencer in the industry.

You can be really creative with the types of content you publish on your blog.

The definitive SEO audit part 2 of 3: Content and on-site

Here are the most common ones based on a survey by GrowthBadger :. Quality product pages should be the top priority of every online business. They are often used as landing pages for PPC campaigns, including the AdWords remarketing or paid social media. Do you want to be an influencer? Writing a review is nothing new but in the world of the internet, everything can be reviewed. You can write reviews of tools, films, bars, restaurants, electronics, you name it.

Reviews are an inevitable ingredient of the influencer marketing. Tell the world about how you do things, share interesting data you collected, reveal what is your customer satisfaction strategy or how you failed when launching a new product. Do experiments, test various myths in your industry.

Probably the best thing about case studies is that they are always unique and bring new information for readers.

Duplicate Content (Local SEO)

Check this survey on the benefits of publishing original research by Buzzsumo :. Everyone likes them! However, authors frequently use them as a text substitution. Infographics then end up as complicated images with a bunch of copy, so they lost the potential.

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Creating infographics is about making information nice and easy to read. Many times, guides are published as a part of blogs. You can write guides or how-tos, but keep in mind that there are already thousands of them. Another popular form of written content. There are thousands of top lists out there so think wisely about the topic. Writing lists is an opportunity to include downloadable items to collect leads, to earn valuable comments and to create a buzz thanks to social shares and backlinks.

Getting unique information and opinions from an industry guru is excellent! It helps to build credibility, traffic, social shares and backlinks. You can write, record a video or a podcast. Higher engagement, social shares, likes, backlinks, more leads and conversions. These are the biggest benefits of using video content. Make your post more interesting by sharing or embedding the video by an industry expert! It can enrich your content and make the reader stay longer on your website. Ebooks are usually used for lead generation. Maybe more in the B2B industry but there are still many B2C websites that require an email address to download an ebook.

No one gives you the contact details just like that.

How to Perform an Onsite Audit for SEO, Part 2: Do the Analysis

You need to give readers a good reason. Ebooks usually come in PDF and contain a long piece of content. A few years ago, long posts stuffed with keywords ranked on the top positions easily. Somehow, it got to the point, where it looks like there are hundreds of almost identical articles with the same keywords. It starts with the title, first paragraph, content type and most importantly the overall content structure.

When it comes to time, posts with a 7-minute reading time are ideal according to Medium. When it comes to SEO, there are many studies. Most of them prove that longer posts rank slightly better. The graph with the correlation between the content length and organic positions, based on the study by Can I Rank.

Sooner or later, we all get to the point where we need to repeat a few words we have written somewhere else on our website. You can find out more on Google Search Console help pages. Google algorithm differentiates whether you do it on purpose or as a natural part of your new content. The risks, not to mention the costs, of being a copycat are excessive. Google will penalize and skip your website from the search results. A popular tool to detect the plagiarism is Copyscape.

All you need to do is to enter the URL of the post.