Santorini Unanchor Travel Guide - Santorini, Greece in 3 Days: Living like a Local

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The cove next to the Red Beach is known as the White Beach. In fact, this beach is very similar to most beaches in Santorini, with black and grey pebbles. The name refers to the white cliffs standing behind the beach. There are only a few umbrellas, and it can easily be accessed by boat only. Prices are very reasonable.

This long strip of black sand and pebbles is great to cool down, look at the horizon, and spend whole days on the beach. With less than permanent residents during the year, it definitely looks crowded in the middle of the high season. Yet, a visit in spring can be a pleasant surprise, maybe not hot enough for long swimming sessions, but the sun starts warming up the pebbles which can be scalding hot at noon.

Evening strolls enjoying the soft sea breeze can quickly become a habit. At night, choose a bar or a pub and make it yours. Making friends on this stretch of the island is easy. Have a glass of local beer or try a much more liberal cocktail. Perissa has no calderas, no breathtaking sunsets nor whitewashed houses, but its black sands are also magic.

Perissa is a black sand beach , 15 km southeast of Fira. The beach is a mix of black sand and pebbles with crystal clear waters. Messa Vouno is an imposing rock that rises on one of the ends of the beach. Due to the more affordable prices and a relaxed atmosphere, Perissa attracts low-cost travelers and families with kids looking for a calm environment.

Beautiful Oia

There is a great variety of lodging, many along the coast. There are also restaurants and pubs with a free wi-fi connection. A small path crosses the mountain from Perissa up to the ruins of Ancient Thira. Restaurants, bars, and tavernas are plentiful on the main roads of Perissa. Octopus is delicious in Fish Tavern Fratzeskos , they also serve vegetables and salads and prices are very affordable. If you feel like sushi and champagne, try Pleasure Lounge Bar in Perivolos , an elegant spot with wooden decks, beautiful garden decoration and eclectic cocktails.

This area of Santorini boasts a phenomenal grey beach with a Lunar atmosphere. The impressive white cliffs have been shaped by the wind and the sea. Vlychada is on the southern part of the island, not far from Akrotiri. The easiest way to access Vlychada is to travel from the village of Emporio. There are also some restaurants and fish tavernas if you decide to take a break from the beach. Cherry-sized tomatoes grow in Santorini without the need for irrigation due to the volcanic soil. Here, tomatoes have all the minerals present in the ground which add a unique rich flavor and texture.

This former tomato processing factory has been transformed into a museum about the industrial history of Santorini. Try their crab and avocado salad, their cherry tomato dumplings and the grilled squid.

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All dishes come with romantic views at sunset. Meroula Restaurant is a beachfront taverna and hotel, good for a midday break or a casual dinner. Dishes belong to the Greek tradition of everyday fresh food.

Their spaghetti with mussels and tomatoes is delicious. Emporio is the biggest village in the South and testimony of the glorious economic past of the island, its name, in fact, coms from the Greek word for trade Emporeio. People pass by Emporio without paying much attention since it lacks the glam of more central villages. However, you will love the magic of the place. Its traditional paths and atmosphere make it one of the must stops in Santorini.

The first thing you see as you approach from Fira is the hills and the windmills. In the North, there are two Venetian castles that used to keep people safe from pirates, Kasteli and Goula. Emporio is still one of the biggest villages of Santorini with shops and good restaurants.

To Kafenedaki tou Emboriou is a taverna serving local delicacies and wines, with a daily menu. Do try their yogurt with honey and nuts. Pyrgos is a village in central Santorini also known as Pyrgos Kallistis, meaning the most beautiful tower. The town is high on top of a hill, offering breathtaking views of the island, the sea, and the caldera.

Sail Greece: Mykonos to Santorini

This beautiful, laid-back village has a typically Greek atmosphere. Pyrgos has also gained a name for its Good Friday celebration in Easter when hundreds of aluminum cans are lit up to produce a magical atmosphere. Pyrgos is not a traditional touristic place. Narrow cobblestoned streets wind around the traditional village leading uphill to the old Venetian castle. Another interesting site to visit is the Church of Agia Triada , a white monastery complex, home to a small museum of icons, ceramics, and religious clothing. Santorini of the Past is a cultural village in Pyrgos. This modern cultural center with a museum, a hotel, and a restaurant promotes the Greek culture and the development of cultural tourism.

Staple Santorini dishes, such as fava and tomato keftedes are excellent.

Ancient Thira is an antique settlement on top of Messa Vouno. Its name comes from the mythical ruler of the island, Theras. This old settlement, located among spectacular views, was inhabited from the 9th century BC until the year AD. Ancient Thira is today open to the public and can be reached via the winding road that starts in Kamari. The road to reach Ancient Thira has been described as one of the most stunning roads in the world. A famous section of this road is called the Kamari Serpentine. The road closes early in the afternoon, so make a point to visit early in the morning.

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The ancient city was an meter long street with several buildings vital for the community. Among them, the Agora which marked the center of public life. There was a theater on the slope with an audience capacity of people. There was also an important Temple dedicated to Apolo while most inhabitants lived up on the mountain plateau. It has a black pebble beach and lies under the mountain of Messa Vouno.

Its central position makes it a good base since any point on the island can be easily reached in a short time and by means of good routes. There are some villages in the surrounding area, interesting for a day visit. One of them is Vothonas and the small settlement that developed carved in the rock.