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To view it, click here. All so terrible. Haley was a total Mary-Sue. I doubt not one of those men was good enough for Haley, the perfect prize. She even refuses to receive help from people just because she needs to do things on her own. How dare she? If you want to save yourself for marriage, fine by me whatever, but when they portray Haley as this completely innocent, good-natured girl and then couple that with her being a virgin, what does that really say?

"Playing For Keeps"

The food stuff was kind of entertaining in the beginning, but as soon as it was established that it was his thing it got annoying. It was obvious they only put all that in there just to let Haley defy all of it and show that she was special! What kind of development is this? For people who were so adamant in their beliefs that they let them define them, they sure do break their own rules pretty quickly.

What Does Playing for Keeps Mean? - Writing Explained

All he did was invite her to a party where she branched out on her own. Are you kidding me?? Can anyone, in real life, tell me if this has ever happened to you?

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The entire ending was pretty dumb. It was just a bunch of groveling, stubbornness, and playing cat and mouse. They just went back and forth with their feelings and it got very annoying very fast. View all 8 comments. BLURB: Done with being the world's biggest pushover, Haley decides that things are going to change starting with the aggravating neighbor who has too much charm and not enough restraint. After he decides to take her under his wing he can't help but notice that she fits very nicely in his life. View all 12 comments.

Apr 02, Stacia the club rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , adult , cute , made-me-laugh. Rounding up because Jason is such a rock star. She quietly said good night, rolled her eyes as Jason mumbled, "I love you" to his brownies, and headed off to the bathroom. I picked up Playing for Keeps because it was getting some attention and I was curious to see why a seemingly unnoticeable book have you seen the cover? What I was expecting : Neighbors who don't get along spend half of a book torturing the living daylights out of each other before t 3.

What I was expecting : Neighbors who don't get along spend half of a book torturing the living daylights out of each other before they finally realize their attraction. What really happened : Neighbors torture each other for a very brief period of time, before the rest of the book has them exploring a friends-turned-lovers scenario. While I had hoped for a lot more "neighbor from hell" action, I was not disappointed with the turn of events. Granted, it would have been a riot to read an entire book of neighbors sabotaging each other if you guys know of one, shoot me a rec, please This book does prove that I am the queen of double standards.

I have a statement on my profile saying that it's up the author to convince me to buy into something I wouldn't normally like about a book. I'm happy to report that this author had me buying everything hook, line and sinker. Drama : As much as I enjoy reading a good drama-fest, I usually find myself complaining that it's been done in such a manner which is way too over-the-top. PFK is an example of how to write drama into a book without taking it to a point where you want to strangle the characters.

Nicknames : Again, this is another big turnoff for me.

Channel Ten confirms Playing For Keeps is returning for Season 2

I know that not everyone loved the use of "Grasshopper" in this book but I found it cute and personal. Maybe because of this : She glared over her shoulder at him. Miyagi you know. In the case of PFK, I appreciated the followup. I enjoyed the book so much that I didn't even mind a few typos. In fact, one of them even added to my enjoyment. How could you not laugh at : Fists of Furry? Love story aside, Jason is the real reason to read PFK. His love for food is probably even more entertaining than his love for Hayley.

Jason mumbled something. We're planning a big trip," he said. As I said before, it's all political.

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  • View all 32 comments. Playing for Keeps is the first book in R. Description… Done with being the world's biggest pushover, Haley decides that things are going to change starting with the aggravating neighbor who has too much charm and not enough restraint. My review Like I said, for some reason I thought this was, literally, a story about demon neighbors.

    The kind of neighbor who has you thinking of selling your home, or burning his down.

    Prison time starts looking good if it means ridding the world of him and his annoying, loud, friends. He and his family are just hysterical and I laughed out loud more than a few times at their banter. And the sex scenes? Holy hell hot!

    Network 10’s ‘Playing For Keeps’ Gets Green Light For Second Season

    View all 62 comments. Feb 02, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-romance , favorites , kindle. I haven't read a book this funny in a while. It got to a point, where I'd just burst out laughing. Which led to strange looks from my family Jason and Haley make an adorable couple and the bantering between these two are hilarious. Not to mention the secondary characters being Jason's friends are an added bonus. This is a real feel good, pick me up type of book, that'll have you laughing in no time.

    Loved it! View all 25 comments.

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    • This book was so freaking amazing and then it had to fall into the CR-trap. Yes, I made it up right now. Beware, the second part of this review will contain mild spoilers. I will let you know when. The first part. So incredibly funny! I laughed so much on the train that the people around me thought I was crazy.

      It was brilliant! Sweet bookish heroine who is done with being a pushover. She was always the shy girl with her nose buried in a book, hoping no one would notice her.

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      Who knew th Gah! Who knew there was a little tigress beneath all that cuteness. The neighbor from hell. He makes Haley his project and find a best friend. And they fall in love. It is a beautiful enemies-to-friends-to-lovers tale. Ebony hair, ocean blue eyes and chiseled good look. Swoon alert!

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      And Jason loves food. This book will make you hungry. The good. Funny and sweet, and I loved hanging with them. The friendship is adorable, and even more so how oblivious they are to the fact that they've fallen in love. The bad. Haley is a virgin.