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That year, with 12 years left in his sentence, officials say Guzman escaped from the prison in a laundry cart.

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During the drug lord's nearly 13 years on the lam, rumors swirled about his whereabouts. From time to time, investigators suggested they were hot on his trail. But even as Mexico stepped up its pressure on cartels, he remained an elusive target. Many in the country suggested that his whereabouts were an open secret -- and that the government must have been deliberately steering clear of capturing him.

In , the archbishop of Mexico's Durango state told reporters that Guzman lived near the mountain town of Guanacevi. Days later, investigators found the bodies of two slain army lieutenants in Durango's mountains, accompanied by a note: "Neither the government nor priests can handle El Chapo. A year later, when asked by reporters again about Guzman's whereabouts, the archbishop said, "He is omnipresent.

He is everywhere. Stories proliferated of him helping the poor, or taking everyone's cell phones at a restaurant while he ate and then footing their bills for the inconvenience. I believe it may have happened once in Sinaloa -- maybe. Suddenly he's the man about town.

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He's an amazing man of the people, and God -- he paid the bill, too. That's very old school mafia. It's straight out of the mob movies. That image was good for Guzman, even if the tales weren't true, Scott Stewart, vice president of tactical analysis at Stratfor , told CNN in The idea that Guzman was some sort of Robin Hood character helped him hide out from authorities and evade arrest, Stewart said.

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But benevolent or not, experts say it's hard to dispute Guzman's business savvy. He ran the cartel like a CEO, bringing it so much financial success that in he landed on a billionaires list in Forbes magazine, along with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Inclusion on the business magazine's list wasn't the only mention Guzman got. The drug lord also started cropping up in narcocorridos , popular Mexican songs that often glorify drug trafficking, telling tales of armored cars, shootings and police chases.

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And it wasn't long before the idolization spread north of the border. People said they'd spotted him in locations across Mexico, in Guatemala and even in Europe. Authorities called him the world's most wanted drug lord, but every time they tried to nab him, Guzman found a way to slip out of sight. The following year, speeches from the Mexican leader struck a decidedly different chord. Guzman had broken out of a maximum-security prison again, authorities announced. This time, he used a mile-long tunnel for his getaway. Security cameras in the Altiplano prison recorded Guzman stepping into a shower area -- but never stepping out.

Later that day, authorities announced that Guzman was missing. He escaped through a hole in his cell that led to a lighted and ventilated tunnel. They closed in on Guzman at a hideaway in the coastal city of Los Mochis in January In a stranger-than-fiction twist, authorities said the drug lord's desire to tell his story on the big screen -- and to flirt with a famed soap opera actress who'd played a crime boss on television -- led to his capture.

Text messages arranging a secret meeting between Guzman, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo and American actor Sean Penn were key clues that tipped off investigators.

Was Mexican actress the missing link to El Chapo? Now Guzman is behind bars again -- this time in the United States. His lawyers' efforts to block his extradition failed. A count indictment filed in Brooklyn alleges that from to , Guzman led a criminal enterprise responsible for importing and distributing massive amounts of narcotics and conspiring to murder rivals who posed a threat.

He has pleaded not guilty. Guzman also faces federal charges in five other US states, including a murder charge in Texas. Guzman's legal team has argued that the charges against him won't hold up in court. Everything that the prosecution says and what has been written about him, I personally do not believe it's true," attorney Eduardo Balarezo told Telemundo in October. The prosecution will have to present evidence.

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He doesn't have to present evidence that he's innocent. Photos: Famous US extradition cases. Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has been extradited to the United States , where he faces six indictments. Hide Caption. Russia has said it won't send Edward Snowden back to the United States, where the former National Security Agency contractor faces espionage charges for leaking classified documents. Russia offered him asylum in For years, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been fighting efforts to extradite him to Sweden, where he faces rape allegations.

Assange, who denies the allegations and has never been charged, has been living inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since If he leaves, Assange has said he's afraid he'll be extradited to the United States, where he could be charged and tried over the leaks of confidential US documents via his website. In , a U. In , the United Kingdom blocked his extradition. British Home Secretary Theresa May said McKinnon's Asperger syndrome and depressive illness meant "there is such a high risk of him ending his own life that a decision to extradite would be incompatible with his human rights.

Filmmaker Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor in , but he fled the United States before he was sentenced. Since then, he's successfully avoided arrest and extradition in Canada, France, Israel, Thailand and Switzerland. This year, prosecutors in Poland said they were reviving efforts to extradite the year-old filmmaker.

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Chesimard, who's also known by the alias Assata Shakur, escaped from a prison in New Jersey, where she was convicted of killing a state trooper. But by the turn of the century, to do a lam had morphed into to go on the lam , which first began to crop up in print in the early s and has remained unchanged ever since. As a verb in its own right, however, lam dates back as far as the late 16th century.

In that sense, lam is probably a distant cousin of lame and so might have originally implied beating someone to the point of injury and actually still survives in the word lambaste , which today means "to scold" or "castigate," but back in the 17th century also meant "to beat. Lam survived in this original sense until the 19th century when, having steadily fallen out of everyday use, it began to crop up in the schoolyard slang of British and later American schoolchildren. After he has secured the wallet he will chirp like a bird, or will utter the word 'lam! This word is also used in case the money cannot be taken, and further attempts are useless.

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