Liberty Street: Encounters at Ground Zero

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It was McCrary who led him to Liberty St. At this particular address, residents were forced out of their homes for more than three years. Abramson remembers a difficult and exhausting experience, a time when he could not even visit his home or have insurance inspectors visit without special permission. And he credits his wife as the only reason his family did not throw in the towel.

Three floors above Abramson lives Mark Wainger, who was home the morning of Sept. Wainger said the low point of the ordeal was realizing that while firemen used his apartment to keep watch for a potential collapse in the debris across the street, other apartments in his building were being looted. He said that seeing the film four years after those firemen were gone and months after the building had completed renovation was an unbelievable experience. It will really be something to see 10 years from now, when the entire site is rebuilt.

In basing his documentary at Liberty St. I still have this sense of confusion, and awe, and being unmanned by it and disrupted by it the first day I was down there.

Liberty Street: Encounters at Ground Zero

What Josyph said he found on those first days was a world unlike he had ever known. Remnants of the attack, the fire and the destruction were found in every apartment and on every street corner. He said he is devoting an entire chapter in his upcoming book to the smell of the day fire alone. Closures and bus stop relocations also began to create safe work zones throughout the project. New phases of the streetscape improvement program begin. Because the system is modular, it will be raised as more floors are added and the cranes are jumped to higher elevations.

Steel on the Memorial entry pavilion also is being erected, and trees on the surrounding plaza will begin being planted in August The series of agreements that form the development plan follow the framework outlined on March 25, , by the Port Authority and Silverstein Properties. Life has returned to the World Trade Center site nine years after the September 11 terrorist attacks. In Millstone Township, N. A small team of arborists loaded the 21,pound trees onto large trucks, two per truck, to make the hour-and-a-half drive into Lower Manhattan. They started on Friday morning at a. They encased each tree in tarp, tied them up and carefully positioned them on the flatbed trucks.

The workers placed barrels of hay on the trucks to lessen the vibrations during the journey to Manhattan. Loading each tree took roughly 30 minutes.

How the future of Ground Zero is being resolved.

Cox was supervising the prep work at the nursery on Friday. Delivering the trees is the final stage of a project that dates back to winter The E. In a symbolic gesture, the nurseries were mostly located in states impacted by the September 11th attacks: Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. Each tree was measured, photographed, and cataloged by a team of landscape architects. Out of the 2, trees, only made the cut.

Also, the trees had to be cared for at a nursery within 50 miles of the W.

The choice of swamp white oaks and sweet gums was easy: compared to other trees, they are resilient and low-maintenance. But they still require constant attention. An arborist from E.

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Vega also keeps close watch via a web cam at his office near Ground Zero. Special attention was paid to the trees during the winters, when temperatures fall below freezing. The bases of the trees are covered with Styrofoam blankets to keep the roots from freezing.

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The meticulous care of the memorial trees has paid off. Typically, John Heallan, an arborist for E. At 10 a. Cranes lifted the swamp white oak 80 feet into the air, steadily lowering it down to the western side of the plaza. Fifteen other trees were installed on the site within 16 hours on Saturday.

Governor David A. Workers began installing the trees at around a. Saturday morning as they were hauled in from a nursery in central N. The truckers will make an additional round trips to transport the remaining trees. The white oaks will surround the reflecting pools, while two rows of sweet gums will encircle One W. Julie Meehan, a middle school English teacher from N. The oaks and sweet gums, which are now between 28 and 30 feet tall, will grow one or two feet each year until they rise roughly feet into the air. The swamp white oaks will have a year life span, if properly cared for, and the sweet gums could live years.

The plaza, made up of layers of concrete slabs underneath and adjacent to the trees, will have built-in fertilizers and irrigation tubes to constantly nourish and protect them. The next round of trees will arrive at the plaza in early October. Their delivery will be coordinated with the ongoing construction of the plaza. Real estate developer Larry Silverstein discusses the progress at the World Trade Center site, his relationship with the Port Authority and the future of the real estate market in Lower Manhattan. There was nobody here — it was eerie. It was quiet.

There was nothing happening. So you put that together with the fact that these buildings contained about half a million square feet of destination and quality retail. The retail will serve the tenants in the buildings. The tenants in the buildings will serve the needs of retailers down below. That has changed the face and the functionality of Lower Manhattan.

Why then, at the World Trade Center site, did you prioritize office space over residential space? We lost 10 million square feet of office space here…additionally, we have here one of the most superb mass transit concentrations in the city…And, what needs mass transit the most is commercial, is business. And so, having the opportunity of utilizing this mass transit concentration for business, number one, and number two, recognizing that the sites themselves that would ultimately serve as the sites for each of these buildings were large-scale sites, large footprints — ideal for business, not good for residential utilization…These sites have 40, 50, 60, square feet footprints.

Much, much too big for residential. Are you considering scaling back the rent prices to attract more office tenants?

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Witness the fact that we had an obligation to lease office space here. This building [7 W. Today, 7 World Trade Center is a very well-occupied, very successful building. So, for example, tenants today are very conscious of their environment. They want to be sure they give their workers first-class conditions in which to function. So, they want to be sure the space is flooded with daylight. They want to be sure that the air quality of the buildings is the best that could be developed. They want to be sure that green technology is utilized in the construction of these buildings.

They want to be sure that reusable materials are present in these newly constructed buildings, which shows a sensitivity to the environment…they might even be willing to pay a little bit more in rent to get these features. They designed it for themselves 30 years ago. So they built themselves a whole new building right here on West Street, just a block from us. They occupy that building in its entirety, over two million square feet of space. They did it because they needed the best technology available — the latest technology. They needed environmentally sensitive facilities that people would be sensitive to and would want to work in and be happy functioning in…And so, [Goldman] put all this together and…they came to the conclusion that, from a monetary standpoint, it made all the sense in the world to leave a product that they themselves designed 30 years ago.

You would think, how could they do this? Maybe not all, but a lot of them. There are other benefits to being down here: real estate taxes… this is land owned by the Port Authority. Port Authority does not pay real estate tax. Port Authority has a payment in lieu of taxes, which is a fraction of the conventional real estate tax cost.

These benefits are benefits that we receive as a result of leasing this land from the Port Authority. Electricity is a different cost basis for tenants in the Port Authority buildings.

Final Moments at Ground Zero and Collapse. 9/11 twin towers falling September 11th 2001

The greatest challenge to date is dealing with [changing] political leadership. To stop is horrendous. A person who understands the need to get the job done, to move the process forward, to get it finished and get it built. Some say that delays and disputes have tarnished your ties with the Port Authority. What is your current rapport with the Port? The divisiveness of yesterday is behind us. Why did you decide to hire Regional Scaffolding and Hoisting Company to do work on an elevator at 4 W. The thought here is number one, this contractor is one of the few contractors with necessary experience and capability of doing this work.

The reality is there are a limited number of contractors who are available for work of this complex nature. At the end of the day, you have to move these things forward… You have to make decisions and move on.


The ceremony will officially begin at A. Families of those who died on September 11th may start arriving at A. Music will provide a backdrop throughout the program.