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The Sims Circus, where Nancy's instructor used to work, arrives in town, and when Nancy visits the circus, the clown tells her that the aerialist Lolita has the sixth charm. You see, they found this corpse on the Midway, and he had this knife in the middle of his chest.

The cops thought I had put it there. Phryne goes undercover and quickly realizes that she may be out of her depth, what with having neither servants nor friends to rely on. Then someone is murdered. Tully calls on old friends for help and manages to collect a mind reader, a dying snake charmer, a vengeful camel, assorted clowns, a trainer of housecats, and a nine-year-old orphan boy.

The amazing fanmade trailer [] on YouTube looks real but is not.

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Their angry confrontation cools a little as they try and sort out the pieces of the deadly previous day, and Boots explains her connections with the murdered daredevils and her husband. He finds something that shows Carlozo knew the other dead daredevils better than he has let on.

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Boots Carlozo is nowhere to be found on the busy streets. Before giving up for the night, Rex sets up a meeting with Carlozo the next morning.

Sweet Clowns open some eggs

Getting roughed up by the police -- especially the midget Pinky Piscopink -- starts a new fire in Rex to solve his case and bring in Boots Carlozo. He visits the last known paramour of Boots, Flying Fleming, who is none too happy to see Rex. Fleming prepares his act for the evening, a high-dive into a shallow basin of water. In front of Rex and his assembled audience, Fleming's platform breaks, and the daredevil is sent to his death.

Was it an accident, or murder? After the interview, the cops warn Rex not to leave Top Town, but really, where the hell else would he go now? Recovering from the clown blow-out at the Banana Peel, Rex is surprised by the appearance of his client, Reynaldo Carlozo. Still in need of an alibi for his whereabouts, Rex decides to follow Bingo and hoist a few at the clown bar in town, the Banana Peel.

There he meets a menacing figure from his past, who insists that Rex owes him money. This confrontation is all it takes to spark the clowns into a fight, a glorious, cackling, prop-strewn catastrophe that as usual destroys the interior of the bar. After the murder of Berndt Bork, Rex needs to find his client and establish an alibi.

There he meets unctuous Jimmy Plummett, the owner. Instead of waiting to learn the details, the superstitious group throws him out even faster. Rex gets more dirt on Boots Carlozo from Lotta. On his way to follow Boots' trail, he runs into Missouri Redd, one of the gang of vicious bastard roustabouts, the Redd Brothers.

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After tangling with Missouri, Rex's newly cleaned duds have some embarrassing stains. Berndt Bork, the Human Howitzer, answers questions about his brief time with Boots, and as Rex watches, meets a grisly end while practicing his human cannonball routine. Episode 3 of 23 From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon.

Before he stars on his new case, Rex Koko realizes that he's overdue to get clean and presentable again, and goes in search of a nice boil-up. He chooses as his destination for this the cooch joint known as the Club Bimbo, run by his old friend and former lover, Lotta Mudflaps.

Santa Claus

At this early hour, there's no floor show, but Rex catches Lotta as she discusses business with a dapper old gentleman. Later, Lotta and Rex recount old stories, as he prepares to re-emerge into the not-so-polite society of Top Town.

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The saga of Rex Koko, Private Clown begins as he is awakened from his hungover stupor in a haystack by trapeze artist Reynaldo Carlozo. The haughty Carlozo gets Rex to join him in some painful calsthenics as he makes him an offer to find his wayward wife. Rex Koko, Private Clown. Chapter 23, "A New Deal".

Jim and Them

Chapter 22, "Black Mariah". Brought to you by Omniverall, good for whatever ails you or not. Chapter 21, "Three Bullets and a Lady".

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