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You can disable unnecessary services CGI execution, symbolic links, and server side includes by using the Options directive from the httpd. The image below example shows what you need to include in your config file to disable CGI and includes:. This could potentially include sensitive information about server settings such as the server version, system paths, database names, library information, and so on.

This functionality creates a security vulnerability because an attacker can exploit it and steal sensitive information via headers like cookies and website credentials.


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More Videos Trump mocks Ford's sexual assault testimony. Sources: Kavanaugh, Ford not yet interviewed. Trump: I don't think Kavanaugh lied. Revisit the Ford and Kavanaugh testimonies. Fact-check: Kavanaugh's denial claims. Examiner: No deception in Ford's testimony. Source: FBI spoke to second Kavanaugh accuser. The man who hit pause on Kavanaugh's confirmation. New allegations against Kavanaugh, both victims unnamed. Third woman accuses Kavanaugh of misconduct. Kavanaugh's lawyer: He doesn't know this woman.

Graham: I've been suspicious of allegations. Kavanaugh shares pages from his calendar. A look at Brett Kavanaugh's Yale years.

Kavanaugh attorney: Possible he met Ford. Kavanaugh: I was a virgin during high school. Trump had clearly been working on the material for days, including on at least two occasions with reporters. The version that emerged Tuesday night was primed for re-election rallies, and was the clearest indication that Trump will take his disdain for MeToo onto the campaign trail. The fine-tuned attack on Ford and warning that emerged for supporters in Mississippi allowed Trump to attack her credibility and criticize her spotty memory on some specifics from the night of her attack compared with her conviction about details of others.

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That may be a common thread among assault victims, but in Trump's hands she was made to sound untrustworthy. His comments were direct and harsh pushback against the MeToo movement, of which Ford has become emblematic and for which Trump, who was accused of assault by more than a dozen women not long before his election, is surely a villain. Trump has denied the allegations. Trump had already bemoaned what he said was a partisan attack on Kavanaugh and the effect the charges were surely having on the judge and his family.

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But Portnoy wanted to know if Trump had a message for young men as the country enters a period where women feel more comfortable coming forward with allegations. Trump did not say men should respect women, but rather suggested his message to young men was: Be afraid. He said the issue was bigger than the current debate over Kavanaugh.

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When you are guilty until proven innocent, it's just not supposed to be that way. Always, I heard you're innocent until proven guilty. I've heard this for so long and it's such a beautiful phrase.

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In this case, you're guilty until proven innocent. I think that is a very, very dangerous standard for our country. Clearly Trump felt he was on to something with the "dangerous standard" idea, because he riffed on it a few days later, on Tuesday, when he was talking to reporters before getting onto Marine One. What's happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of a Supreme Court justice. Trump: Scary time for young men in America He added: "It's a very scary situation where you're guilty until proven innocent.

My whole life I've heard you're innocent until proven guilty, but now you're guilty until proven innocent.

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