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Double Balanced Mixer. Decibel reference to 1 milliwatt. Dial-Back Number. DB relative to noise.

Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms

Decibels above reference noise. Direct Broadcast Satellite. Direct Current.

Digital Channel Bank. Data Country Code. Data Communications Channel. Direct Circuit Control Exchange. Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment.

Data Communications Equipment. Distributed Coordination Function. Discounted Cash Flow. Dispersion Compensation Fiber. Dedicated Channel. Data Competitive Local-Exchange Carrier.

Dispersion Compensation Module. Data Communications Network.

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Digitally Controlled Oscillator. Distributed Component Object Model. Distributed Communications System. Digital Cellular System.

Digital Cross-connected System. Distributed Call Signaling. For the more seasoned veteran, this book provides definitions that are both useful and entertaining. While this book is a dictionary, Rob has included a number of historical remarks that, for those who lived through the invention of these words, will bring a smile to your face.

The International Dictionary of Data Communications : Dan Freeman :

His first love is teaching before research turned him into a virus expert , and he got into computers because of an interest in what they could do to improve the education process in the public school system. He has a B. Rob has formal training in data communications and exploration with the online community, and has done communications training for a number of international commercial seminar firms.

His technical jobs have involved everything from support of terminal emulation programs to satellite communications. In concert with his background in education, he prepared the technical and interface side of the World LOGO Conference, the first time an onsite conference was fully linked to online participants. His research into computer viral programs started when they first appeared as a major problem "in the wild.

The International Dictionary of Data Communications

Slade's lists" of virus information. In an attempt to update this material, he co-authored Viruses Revealed. As an outgrowth of the virus research, he prepared the world's first course on forensic programming, which became the first book on Software Forensics. Background Information Syngress Publishing www.