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It is hard to keep it at 3 though. A nice LONG book which will keep me interested and good enough to reread.

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If we aren't sticking just with historical fiction: 1. I find this endlessly re-readable, thinky, funny, escapist, and engrossing, with great and fantastical world-building. Her writing soothes me and would help keep me connected to the larger world outside my little theoretical island. It brings back vivid memories of growing up in the Ozarks in a good way. Having this book along would be like having the voice of an old friend with me. For me, this little volume is a bottomless source of strength.

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The Mists of Avalon 2. The Thorn Birds 3. Oh gosh, this is so difficult.

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I think I would have a panic attack if I actually had to choose three to take with me forever! Nov 23, AM. Pride and Prejudice 2. Outlander If I am going to be on an island I am bringing Mr. Darcy and Jamie Fraser with me. I love to laugh and I always enjoy his books. I think this is the one I found to be the funniest. I have a copy of Mists of Avalon but haven't started it yet. Seeing you pick it as an all time fave makes me want to get that baby cracked open. Anne wrote: "1. I agree with those three books Jill wrote: "Valerie Seeing you pick it as an all time fave makes me want to get that baby cracked open The cover is leather and just feels good to have it your hands!!

It's a long read, but it is definitely a good story!! Hope you crack it open before too long!! This is such a hard question!

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My choices change every day And then there would be the wish to have a survival book with me Nov 23, PM. The Valley of Horses by Jean M. I have struggled with this and it is too hard. Would I want old comfortable favorites or would I want really thick books that a really good GR rating?

I think the latter because I would want to lose myself in new books - maybe the thickest and best rated ones on my TBR list. This is hard! I went from "I have no idea" to way more than 3 books HF or not in about five seconds. If I must choose The Dangerous Book for Boys Maybe learn how one goes about trading baubles and coconuts with the natives in exchange for food and hot native men.

Because I love his work. Nov 24, AM. I've been thinking about this, trying to limit to HF But I can't. I just haven't read enough HF! So here are my three from various genres. But I think I could become one given enough time! I mostly chose this because it's an omnibus and super long.

Some good old fantasy to pass the time. First, I love math. Second, it's like 1, pages long with lots of math problems to work on. Good mind exercise, it would keep me busy!

Walking With God in the Desert Group Bible Study by Ray Vander Laan - Faith Lessons Volume 12

I'm a dork : And yeah.. I think that should just about do it! Dawn, I love your reasoning for those 3 books!! I'm still thinking about it but I can say that I'd probably bring: Harry Potter Boxed Set : I know that is 7 books, but it is a boxed set so I hope that is "allowed" : Although I've read these already, they are a great read and will keep me busy and my mind occupied The Bronze Horseman : I'd bring this one because I keep wanting to read it and haven't yet gotten around to it.

So if I'm stranded, I'd have no excuse! Although I'd probably regret not bringing the series.

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I'm leaving the thrid book open for now I just chose my favorites and didn't care about survival books or the length. I'm going to be there a while I need lots to read and do! Hey hey now, if we're not limited to single books then I'm changing mine completely!

Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series assuming it was complete when I became stranded. Nov 24, PM. Nov 25, AM. Nov 30, PM.

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Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maughham most people seem to overlook this writer and particularly this novel, but trust me it's a masterpiece! Dec 02, PM. Most important would be the King James Bible for comfort, inspiration and discipline. Second would be a little red book I used in college that tells how to write and is terrific with those questions we all have about sentence structure. Try and determine whether each of these facts are true or false. A volcano, a waterfall, a glacier and a cave — the basic landforms are easy to identify though kids struggle with the definitions.

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Types of Land - learn more about types of land when you click on them in the map. Practice quiz: plate tectonics with Khan Academy's free online exercises. Level: Low Intermediate, Intermediate. Geo-morphology is the name of the scientific field which investigates how landforms are formed on the Earth. Directions: Write the letter of the correct landform in the space next to each definition. Landforms Quiz Test your students knowledge of landforms with this landforms quiz. For the non-word-list printables down below, if you click the image, it will take you to the printable.

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