Crafting a Magical Life

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You have what it takes inside you to create your biggest dream life! The beauty in starting your journey, no matter where you are in your life, is that each Soul has different experiences on their journey. We meet many, many Souls along the way.

Illuminate your path and Co-Create the incredibly amazing life experience you are so worthy of living! Schedule a Discovery Call with me now. Guided by my Spirit Alliance My Guardian Angels, Ancestors and Guides , I share messages and insights about the magical energy around the infinite possibilities of opportunities and abundance. Etsy ShansMagicalMakings. Connect with Me: Shannon Gorton. WooWoo aka Magical Things : For as long as I can remember, my life has been linked to the magic of all that is, particularly that of nature and art.

Have you connected with your Magical Co-Creation Essence? Want to learn more?

Crafting a Magical Life: Manifesting Your Heart's Desire Through Creative Projects

Magical 1. Magical 2. Magical 3. Magical 4. Enchantments 1.

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Enchantments 2. Demonic 1. Demonic 2. Corpse Harvester 1.

Crafting a Magical Life

Corpse Harvester 2. Corpse Harvester 3. Event Special Items. You can get random mysterious parts with scrapping packages on the world. If you collect all four of them, you can craft mysterious item on workbench. Later then you can upgrade it with using some materials.

Craft Blessed water barrel and cursed oil barrel yourself. Boost amount scales with level.

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Example: You can get physical armor boost with 1 scrap material when you are level 3. You can get 10 physical armor boost when you are level This is an exact value not decimal. Example: You can get physical damage boost when you are level 3.

[Read] Crafting a Magical Life: Manifesting Your Heart's Desire Through Creative Projects E-Book

You can get 10 physical damage boost when you are level You can get Rune of Uniqueness with crafting and also from ingredient traders after level You can upgrade your crafted unique armors, belts and rings to your level with price of a gold bar. If you boost them with any enchantments they will disappear. Elemental Bow, scales with intelligence. Check Workbench tab for Rune of Uniqueness. Daggers scale with intelligence. What is Magic Really 2.

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Magic Wand 3. Magical Journal 4. Mystic Runes 5.

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Protection Pentagrams 6. Divine Dream Pillow 7. Gemstone Amulet 8. Sacred Feather Wand 9. Magical Travel Altar Divining Pendulum Manifesting Map Power Talismans Magical Tool Chest Magical Pouches and Bags Power Prayer Beads