Becoming Baddest (Interracial Erotica)

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Those black marks that most black families hate to admit might exist. YEAH those. So looking back after ruminating for sometime t hings got really clear in a moment of true epiphany. Its because Clara B. Blue was 7 sociopaths, psychopaths, take your pick rolled into one. Growing up the bullshit, when your a child its your world. I was really hurt then, but damn I thank God for you now. In my heart I know Sugar Land is clean. The first time she Barb Wilson read it — this is what she sent me. I thank her for ensuring — of course there will be someone, there always is — the best damn dramady, romance I like to think I have written, will be clean as humanly possible.

Not just because I wrote it but because I truly wrote it from the heart and soul. I may never tell the secrets but readers are about to get a whole lot of characters based on folks that are related to me if not by blood then by marriage. I now have a whole bunch of fucked up people too talk about. I needed to say this even its only on social media in the late night as I kill this bottle of wine.

Sugar Land is something of a reckoning for me. Let the fun begin…the anger, confusion, pain, resentment and finally freedom is represents in a multitude of was with a plethora of characters.

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Good or bad, love or hate. And as a writer that brings me joy. Enjoy, Kassanna.

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What happens when four friends by a motel and casino. It was a dream turned to reality turned into a nightmare.

Author of Interracial Romance with a Bite.

Money is tight, renovations are costly, and no matter what they did or how they approached the problem. Shit just keeps going wrong. Meet the four ladies of The Players Club. Check out their stories. A gifted Blackjack player, she nickname though has nothing to do with cards.

10. Braver (Runaway)

A Vietnamese Cajun he headed the Dixie Mafia and he required repayment. Suppose there was no good ending to every reincarnation? Would you meet your soulmate again to correct a wrong? In that instant Timeless was born. I found out a little something, something too, historical research is hard. I got much respect for those authors that choose to write historical romance. It took a minute to get everything right but when I finally did. Whoo boy. Augustus and Zakiya are amazing characters and I am so thankful they choose me to tell their story. I mentioned the idea to a few other authors, Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod.

The three of us put our heads together and Time After Time the series was created. Three different authors with three totally different books all birthed from the same idea. The history between Augutus and Zakiya is deep. Here is a little more about mine.

Friday Night Special: A MFM Ménage Interracial Erotica Tale Book Trailer

He will never lose her again… August Arnati dreams in vivid color of a woman he has never met. Death and destruction dog their steps in his dreams. His soulmate, her image drives him.

When he finds her. He will never let her go. Emotions she has never felt in reality, flood her fantasy world. Her worlds collide when she meets the man that plagues her dreams.

His approach — A cheesy pickup line. Her decision will set in motion a fate they should have shared the first time. Thanks for visiting with me. Remember lying in bed? You were young, a child, warm, snuggled up under thick covers. A small lamp on the night stand bathes your bed in a soft, reassuring glow. She pulls out a thick volume. The cover is brightly covered with animals, princes and princesses on the cover….

Who am I kidding? They are twisted AF…hence the series name —. You might want to settle in, grown folks style. Red is my take on Red Riding Hood — Yeah, no, its nothing like that story. Somehow I veered into some serious family drama and hot sex — well you gotta read it. In my world though, its not a bad thing to be a Wolf. Ha, ha!

My ode to Pinky and the Brain. LOL or was it the Animaniacs? I know I am showing my age. If I think about it I can still hear the theme songs. And this has nothing to do with my subject it was just a random thought.

Going Deep Excerpt

Speaking of which — yeah my thoughts are all over the place but Infinity has a commercial I find panty dropping sexy. Bobbing his head and mouthing the words. He pulls up and gazes out the window smiling. And who comes around the corner but some teenage girls waving and exclaiming — Hi Dad — That sexy man was all about family from the beginning. Anywho, this leads me to my latest release. A short story titled One More Run. Zeke quietly handles his business. Through the course of the book I slowly realized this a bad mutha- shut my mouth.

My heroine is kick-ass but I have explained how I write them before however I have never written an understated hero. I will definitely be writing one again. She walked out of jail with the intent of joining her family and starting a new life. Her reality was completely different from dream. They were both in trouble and it was up to Roc to come to the rescue. And the only person that could help her was the man that betrayed her.

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