Animal Tracks: Discover the Rhythms of the Wilderness (Chadwick H. Cliffords Field Guides Book 3)

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They meet a kid who actually lives in the swamp year round. One theme from the book that always stood out for me was the fact that each of them longed to be more like the other. Not sure if this fits well enough: this is a fantasy book and originally published earlier than the time period mentioned, but maybe it was reprinted then it was definitely reprinted The characters first meet the "flying crocodile" while on vacation, and later on I think they do end up living in houses in trees above the water, which might be swampy.

V Sure it wasn't a boy? A 19th-century story you can read online. I read the same story, but the protagonist was a boy! A young prince was an only child and utterly spoiled and selfish. His parents were unable to change his ways, so a magical person fairy godmother? She transported the boy to a beautiful tower room where windows and mirrors were alternately placed on the walls.

The room was filled with toys, books, cushions, plates of food, beverages, and a cage with a bird in it. The boy was so vain and self-absorbed that he spent every day admiring himself in the mirrors. He didn't notice that the windows were getting smaller and the mirrors larger until one day, he was completely sealed in darkness.

He was furious at first, then self-pitying, especially when he realized that the food and drink were no longer being renewed. His situation didn't change until he realized that the bird was trapped with him. He groped around in the dark until he found a small amount of drink, then decided to bear his thirst so that the bird might drink. The windows opened a tiny bit. He found a bit of food that hadn't spoiled, and gave it to the bird.

The windows opened a bit more. Then he decided that even if he couldn't be freed, the window opening was large enough to liberate the bird. The prince did this, and his unselfish act allowed him to escape his prison. He returned to his parents, forever a changed boy.

My copy of this story was in a set of books with multiple volumes that included stories, crafts and games.

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Marilyn Sachs, Veronica Ganz , Marilyn Sachs, Veronica Ganz. This book was about a bully-ish girl always getting into scraps until she meets her match, Peter Wedemeyer, who outsmarts her. I wonder if the reader might be actually thinking of Marilyn Sach's Amy and Laura. Amy is blond, and Laura does battle with the bully Veronica Ganz during the course of the book. John D. Fitzgerald , The Great Brain. The narrator is the youngest of three brothers, and the books focus on his middle brother Tom, who is something of a juvenile con man.

The incident with the flush toilet is out of the first book The Great Brain and I'm pretty sure that ordering from the Sears catalog is mentioned in that book as well. Fitzgerald , The Great Brain series, - The Great Brain series , set in the fictional town of Audenville, Utah, is loosely based on the childhood experiences of the author.

Mercer Mayer did the original illustrations. Tom Fitzgerald is the middle son in this family of three boys, and his clever plans to make money are frequently at the center of the adventures. Fitzgerald , The Great Brain, This has to be the one you're looking for. In the first chapter of The Great Brain , titled "The Magic Water Closet," the boys'father who has a reputation for buying odd contraptions and inventions, most of which don't work installs the first flush toilet in town. Enterprising Tom, with the help of younger brother John J. This is the first in a series of eight books about the misadventures of Tom and J.

Their family is Mormon, living in Utah in the late 's - early 's. Alexander Key , The Golden Enemy, Andre Norton , Iron Cage, Andre Norton. I think you're looking for one of Andre Norton's books A cutely illustrated book about a very nosy woman who always had her nose in other people's business. I remember one page where she was sticking her nose into someone's order at the market--it was live snails, and they crawled on her nose. It was from the s or earlier at the latest. Pullman, Philip, The Ruby in the Smoke.

This is a longshot, but could you be looking for The Ruby in the Smoke and the sequels by Philip Pullman?

The girl's name is Sally, but she's independant. Her father is killed in the first book, but he's talked about enough that he could be remembered as a character. Everything almost fits Lloyd Alexander, Vesper Holly series , Could this be one of the following? Maybe the Elsie Dinsmore series? V Vikings Canadian museum time travel A children's book he read in s: kids in a museum in Canada are transported back to Viking times. Title probably has Vikings in it. Submitted on behalf of one of our customers.

Wuorio, Eva-Lis, Return of the Viking , , copyright. In the reproduction of an English 16th c.

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He fell asleep almost years ago while exploring "Vinland'', woke up and couldn't find his sword -- which is of course, the one in the exhibit. Lief is invisible to adults, but ends up going for commando training because his homeland is in danger from the Nazis. At the end of the story the children read a news report about a commando raid on a Nazi-held Norwegian seaport supported by a ghostly figure in a strange costume. This is the first story of 4 in the book, all involving time-travel and Canadian history, and the same children and their friends.

Solved: Promises in the Attic. V Victoria Childhood book. Sorry, thats all the information i have.

Enid Blyton, The Enchanted Doll. V Victorian cab horse When I was a child I had a picture book about a Victorian cab horse or omnibus horse called, I think, Brandy - tho I may be wrong there. The book was something to do with the horse getting its foot but on a piece of glass, and featured a Victorian scene on the front cover complete with lamp post.

In response to the book with the street name in the title, I remember reading a book in the 5th grade about Pudding Lane. It could have had illustrations similar to Edward Eager's, but I don't remember the plot at all, or the street number. I did check these out, thank you - very kind of you, but neither is the one. I'll keep searching until I find it!

Although this book is neither British nor has a number in its title, it was written in and is about a boy, a dog, and the neighborhood bully. Here's a descriptive clip I copied: Stolz, Mary. Edward Frost faces two challenges-the bully of Barkham Street and getting a dog of his own. When his uncle arrives with a collie named Argess, Edward's life begins to change.

There's also another book by this author entitled The Bully on Barkham Street. I know this book doesn't fit all the seeker's criteria, but the "Street" and "bully" thoughts made me think of this book. Plot: apparently the children Jessie, Tilly, and Frank have moved to a new house. No other synopses given. If the wanted book took place later and in England, it is not that one. W1 wimbly lane: well, it's English, involves a bully, has a street name in the title, and the illustrator did do several of Edward Eager's books - Songberd's Grove , by Anne Barrett , illustrated by N. Bodecker, published in the US by Bobbs , pages.

The author creates a living picture of the row, particularly of No. This was illustrated by Robin Jacques. I have a bit of information on W2. I know I read that when I was in grade school, so it dates back at least to the mids. I remember it as being an odd size -- squareish like a picture book, but written for 4th to 6th grade readers. It was about a Chinese boy, and I remember thinking the melons were smaller than I was used to. I think there was something about the melons or the money going missing, and then either they were recovered, or something was found for a reward that brought in the same amount of money.

I think it may have been published in the same series that 31 Brothers and Sisters by Reba P.

The Walt Whitman Archive

Mirsky was published in -- I think it had the same format, and it was also a foreign setting. Little Wu wanted to show his mother that he thought her the most beautiful mother in the world and he decided that the way to do that would be to buy her a piece of jewelry.

When he finally had enough money, most of it gained from the sale of watermelons he had painstakingly raised, he realized that jewelry was not what she wanted most, but for the family to be able to buy a small field of their own. Maybe George MacDonald? These are collection of fairytales which have many stories about the wind. I have two books with this same title but they have completely different stories.

One is a small hardback 6 inches or so.


My sister had this book. Could the title be "Let's Find Charlie. I definitely remember this book--it was all in very bright primary colours, and I especially remember opening the "refrigerator" flap and all the food inside I think you could even open the freezer!